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Welcome to God’s fountain of health, Christ Consciousness, and Rejuvenation. Essential Oils were created by God from the beginning of time for our medicine. Each essential oil was created for a specific purpose for our organs and cells. The plant kingdom was designed by God to serve the physical needs of man including healing. Essential oils are composed of hydrocarbons molecules small enough to penetrate the skin and enter directly into the bloodstream with rich, powerful antioxidants. They actually have the ability to REWRITE cells that have been corrupted by the poisons of medicine.

I encourage you to read my book entitled, “THE BREATH OF GOD OVER ESSENTIAL OILS.” This will awaken your understanding to the power inside these miracle molecules from God. Each of us are wonderfully designed by God to experience life without disease and sickness. Jesus paid the ultimate price for you and I to experience divine health. But for one reason or another many of God’s people are sick and pharmaceutical drugs have compounded the condition. The power in pure essential oils is beyond your wildest understanding but the medical world and media have convinced the public to trust synthetic drugs and physicians more than God’s wisdom.

Begin your journey back to health today by getting a copy of my book and using the full line of Heaven Scent Frequencies oils. The power to change your physical and mental health without side effects is at your fingertips.

Emerson Ferrell


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